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300L 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer

Jul 09, 2020
Higao Tech manufactures 300L Stainless Steel 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer for dough mixing used in food industry.

300L single shaft sigma mixer 300L single shaft sigma blade mixer
300L Stainless Steel 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer can be used to knead flour dough. Technical data is as follows:
1. Name of mixer: Single Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer
2. Model:SSM-300
3. Total volume of the mixing tank: 300L
4. Loading volume: 100~180L/batch
5. Loading capacity:100~200kg/batch (depends on the bulk density of each material)
6. Blending motor: 5.5kw
7. Discharging motor: 1.1kw
8. Tilting angle:<105°
9. Weight: 550kg
SS316L single shaft sigma mixer SS316L single shaft sigma blade mixer
Please Note:
1. If you will spray some liquid, I suggest you should use a liquid storage tank and a liquid pump to spray liquid from the liquid storage tank into the Single Shaft Sigma Mixer to disperse evenly.
2. If you want to add much water, you should let us know the weight of water you add. Because more water will make a larger kneading strength, and we will use a bigger motor to drive the sigma agitator.
3. This Sigma Mixer is made of Stainless Steel 316L confirming to food grade and pharmaceutical grade standard.
4. If your material you will mix is very sticky, you should use our another machine called Double Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer.
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