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DSM-500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer

Jul 20, 2020
DSM-500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer Is Used To Mix Visous Materials Used In Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical Industries.
twin shaft sigma mixer twin shaft sigma blade mixer
500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer is mostly used to mix viscous and sticky materials in many industries. See following technical parameter:
1. total volume of twin sigma blade mixer: 500L
2. loading volume of twin sigma mixer: 150~300L/batch
3. this is a batch type mixing equipment
4. mixing motor: 15~37kw (depends on different materials)
5. agitating speed of sigma blades: 37rpm + 21rpm
6. heating jacket is optional
7. vacuum type is optional
8. discharging method: tilting the barrel to an angle to discharge or use a screw at the bottom of the mixing tank to discharge
9. weight: 1600kg
twin sigma mixer twin sigma blade mixer twin Z blade mixer
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