• Steel Structure And Supporting Frames Compared With Some Suppliers
    Aug 30, 2020

    Steel Structure And Supporting Frames Compared With Some Suppliers

    Higao Tech Produce Excellect Steel Structure And Supporting Frames For Various Equipment. Here are some examples that our customer had provided to us to show how bag result it had caused. Pls see the following FOUR pictures. You can know how bad quality they have made and it crings deadly result for the customer, even though the price is cheap. Pls see below pictures that Higao Tech produced. Our priciple is to use qualified raw materials to fabricate the best quality products for our customers with a reasonable price. The budget may be a little higher than other suppliers. But the result for our customers will be a big surprise. The business relationship can last for a long time. Our professional team will serve you lifetime to guarrantee the after-sales services. Welcome customers to send an inquiry and visit our company in China.

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  • DSM-500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer
    Jul 20, 2020

    DSM-500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer

    DSM-500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer Is Used To Mix Visous Materials Used In Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical Industries. 500L Twin Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer is mostly used to mix viscous and sticky materials in many industries. See following technical parameter: 1. total volume of twin sigma blade mixer: 500L 2. loading volume of twin sigma mixer: 150~300L/batch 3. this is a batch type mixing equipment 4. mixing motor: 15~37kw (depends on different materials) 5. agitating speed of sigma blades: 37rpm + 21rpm 6. heating jacket is optional 7. vacuum type is optional 8. discharging method: tilting the barrel to an angle to discharge or use a screw at the bottom of the mixing tank to discharge 9. weight: 1600kg

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  • 300L 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer
    Jul 09, 2020

    300L 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer

    Higao Tech manufactures 300L Stainless Steel 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer for dough mixing used in food industry. 300L Stainless Steel 316L Single Shaft Sigma Mixer can be used to knead flour dough. Technical data is as follows: 1. Name of mixer: Single Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer 2. Model:SSM-300 3. Total volume of the mixing tank: 300L 4. Loading volume: 100~180L/batch 5. Loading capacity:100~200kg/batch (depends on the bulk density of each material) 6. Blending motor: 5.5kw 7. Discharging motor: 1.1kw 8. Tilting angle:<105° 9. Weight: 550kg Please Note: 1. If you will spray some liquid, I suggest you should use a liquid storage tank and a liquid pump to spray liquid from the liquid storage tank into the Single Shaft Sigma Mixer to disperse evenly. 2. If you want to add much water, you should let us know the weight of water you add. Because more water will make a larger kneading strength, and we will use a bigger motor to drive the sigma agitator. 3. This Sigma Mixer is made of Stainless Steel 316L confirming to food grade and pharmaceutical grade standard. 4. If your material you will mix is very sticky, you should use our another machine called Double Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer. You can check this link for more information:

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  • 500kg/h Sugar Pulverizer To Make Icing Sugar
    Jul 04, 2020

    500kg/h Sugar Pulverizer To Make Icing Sugar

    Higao Tech produces Sugar Pulverizer To Make Icing Sugar With 500kg/h Capacity. Pin Mill Pulverizer Machine can be used to make icing sugar. Technical parameter of 500kg/hour capacity sugar pulverizer machine is as follows: 1. machine name: Pin Mill 2. model: PME-50 3. capacity: 400~1500kg/hour 4. feeding size of sugar:less than 10mm 5. final output size of sugar powder:20~120mesh (adjustable) 6. total motor power: 15kw+7.5kw+0.75kw 7. dimension:5500*1200*2500mm 8. weight of machine: 1200kg The size of icing sugar is fine powder. So you will need to use our PME-50 Pin Mill for the capacity of 500kg/hour. 1. 500kg/hour capacity sugar pulverizer includes pin mill crushing chamber, cyclone separator, dust collecting box, blower. 2. sugar pulverizer to make icing sugar is made of stainless steel SUS304 to meet GMP standard. 3. continuous feeding and discharging can save a lot of time and increase your capacity. 4. dust collecting box can collect the dust caused during production. 5. environment-friendly, sanitary, easy to operate.

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