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/500kg/h Sugar Pulverizer To Make Icing Sugar

500kg/h Sugar Pulverizer To Make Icing Sugar

Jul 04, 2020
Higao Tech produces Sugar Pulverizer To Make Icing Sugar With 500kg/h Capacity.
sugar pulverizer sugar pulverizer machine
Pin Mill Pulverizer Machine can be used to make icing sugar. Technical parameter of 500kg/hour capacity sugar pulverizer machine is as follows:
1. machine name: Pin Mill
2. model: PME-50
3. capacity: 400~1500kg/hour
4. feeding size of sugar:less than 10mm
5. final output size of sugar powder:20~120mesh (adjustable)
6. total motor power: 15kw+7.5kw+0.75kw
7. dimension:5500*1200*2500mm
8. weight of machine: 1200kg
sugar pulverizing machine icing sugar pulverizer
The size of icing sugar is fine powder. So you will need to use our PME-50 Pin Mill for the capacity of 500kg/hour.
1. 500kg/hour capacity sugar pulverizer includes pin mill crushing chamber, cyclone separator, dust collecting box, blower.
2. sugar pulverizer to make icing sugar is made of stainless steel SUS304 to meet GMP standard.
3. continuous feeding and discharging can save a lot of time and increase your capacity.
4. dust collecting box can collect the dust caused during production.
5. environment-friendly, sanitary, easy to operate.
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