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30L Laboratory Plow Mixer For Powder Mixing

Nov 16, 2020
Higao Tech produces 30L Laboratory Plow Mixer For Various Powder Mixing to get a perfect mixing effect.

30L lab plow mixer 30L Laboratory Plow Mixer

Technical Parameters of 30L Laboratory Plow Mixer For Various Powder Mixing:
1. total volume is 30 Liters
2. loading volume is about 6-18 Liters per batch
3. mixing motor is 3kw with an inverter
4. mixing speed is variable: 0~120PRM
5. motor of high speed chopper is 1.5KW with an inverter
6. speed of high speed chopper is variable: 0~1440RPM
7. electric control: push bottons

More options can be customized according to special request from our customers:
1. feeding method: by vacuum conveyor, by screw conveyor, by hand, etc.
2. discharge method: by manual valve, by butterfly valve, by pneumatic valve, etc.
3. product collection method: by cloth bag, by stainless steel bucket, by plastic bucket, by other containers, by a small hopper and transferred to another place or another machine, etc.
4. control part: by push bottons, by PLC touch screen, etc.
5. motor: to use explosion proof motor, use oppointed brand motor, etc.
6. high speed chopper: with chopper, without chopper, etc.
7. grade of stainless steel material: SUS304, SUS316L, SUS316Ti, all Titanium alloy, all Titanium, etc.
8. coating: Teflon, Tungsten Carbide, ceramics, enamel, glass lining, etc.
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