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Customized Tabletop Pin Mill For Pulverizing Citric Acid

Apr 27, 2020
Customized Tabletop Pin Mill is used to Pulverize Citric Acid applied in food additive industry.
Our American customer is a chemical factory manufacturing many kinds of chemicals. They use our Customized Tabletop Pin Mill to crush the caked Citric Acid into granules and then make it into powder.
So we design and fabricate this tabletop pin mill with a discharging hopper under the table and some filter bags installed on the surface of the table. We make a manual butterfly valve to control the discahrging.
tabletop pin mill to grind citric acid citric acid pulverizer machine
The caked citric acid will be delivered by a belt conveyoer into the hopper of coarse pulverizer first to make it into granules. Some granules will be crushed again to get a fine powder, the size is close to the wheat flour.
Some dust ejected from the feeding hopper will be sucked into a dust collector to reduce the dust and protect the workers in their factory.
Higao Tech welcome customers to put up your requests and we can customize as per your special requirement.
tabletop pin mill with filter bags tabletop pin mill with a discharging hopper
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